I had a great time at Haidong Gumdo at Range Martial Arts this week!  We have promotion next week and Master Koivisto had an awesome mix of laid-back (paper cutting and candle snuffing) and direct supervision as he took us all aside for a 1 on 1 update on our progress!

The Eolgan-i put together some fun cutting combinations, and I had a great time, even if I can’t put a candle out to save my late grandmother’s bloomers if they were on fire…

One nice thing is that if I ever want to teach, I need to learn how to look at what someone is doing and point out their mistakes.

Ironically, I would also need to correct my own mistakes to continue to advance in the art.  With stupendous humility I combine the two requirements in but a single video… (and I totally said that with a Teal’C accent in my head…)

(Yes, I am the round one in the middle, who is also round about the middle.  Hm….  I probably need to fix that, too!)

-Sword Gimp