This past week I confirmed with my master that I would pursue the path to the master’s program so that I could teach friends/family and perhaps expand my school beyond that.

I spent the past week thinking, “Sweet Zombie Jeebus what have I gotten myself into?!”

But Master Koivisto and Master Oz have been incredibly encouraging!  Master Koivisto took some time with me during promotion preparation to talk over plans for future training, funding, and what things may look like in the future.

There’s an idea in fiction/movies that character is revealed in conflict.  Master Koiviso tried to encourage me that I hadn’t signed anything, so there was no real commitment yet.  I discovered at that moment that my given word means more to me than my written word (both are vitally important).

Nervous and exhilarated, I’m already planning how I can train harder, represent more, and keep pushing forward to Cho-Dan where the real training begins!!!

But this just means I have an excuse to train all the harder to represent the nerds, Range Martial Arts, and ultimately Jesus as I keep doing my best as a student, friend, and fellow citizen!

(This is what I get for re-reading the Vorkosigan books too many times…)


-Sword Gimp