This month Master Oz from Twin Ports Haidong Gumdo issued a challenge to his associates and students.

Through the month of February, he has challenged us to do push-ups and sit-ups equal to the day of the month.  So… on the fifth, do five push-ups and sit-ups, six on the sixth, and so on.

That’s good advice, but I want to shoot for repetitions of the Gi-Cheon stances since I need to get my stances as solid as my crippled legs will let me.

I think I figured out the up-angled lateral cut in my last rehearsal.  It only comes from a reverse long angle cut to lateral cut, never any other time.  If I were going from a reverse long angle to a normal long angle cut I would keep the hilt pointed forward, arc the blade up to a forty-five degree angle, flick it out and sweep down.

What I’m doing with the lateral cut is picking where I want the tip is, but I’m not making sure I hit the right starting position for the cut.  The tip is still going along a nice lateral line, but rushing the cut means it’s coming out at an upwards angle…

or I could be overthinking technicalities…