The day before promotion.

I’m sitting here pondering “do I fish or cut bait?”

In Haidong terms, is it better to rest for the day and hit promotion really fit, or should I do what I most desire to do and cram my heart out in preparation for the test?

I have a sneaking suspicion Master Oz may be attending from Twin Ports Gumdo, and maybe some of his students?! I don’t know.

I do know that I feel different about this test than any of the ones that have come before it.  For one thing, the only new material I’ve learned since promotion is Ssang Soo Gum Bup Sa Bon, which is awesome in the whole “helicopter of DOOM’ way, but mostly matters as it puts together elements of the first three forms into something neat.

If I succeed at promotion tomorrow, I’m going to attempt to challenge rank again.  That means not just one but two gup levels of materials to go.  I have memorized the moves and applications for Gyuk Gum O Bon and Yuk Bon, and I feel very confident that I can master whatever applications Master K will require about them.  (We REALLY need to get a cool moniker for Master K so that we can refer to him, something snarky that will not get us too many push-ups.)

4th Gup Purple Belt:
Begi Jibjung Il-Bon: I have done Cut 2 and Cut 3 more times than I want to think about over the past few months.  Cuts 1-3 and the 10-step hand techniques are the only things that I can practice at work while the mills run.  I could probably test on this tomorrow.
Ssangsu Gyukgum O-Bon: Remember how I shot my mouth off about memorizing the first 8 Gyukgums in the fall, and Master K (hm… the Master Digi-Sword seems too likely to send the Logic Monkey into a Digimon rant…) only had to embarrass me one week before I buckled down and did it?  I am sure there are points to polish, and our very organic curriculum continues to advance.
(When the curriculum hits those surly teenage years life is going to get interesting around the dojang.)
Ssangsu Gumbup O-Bon: BRING ON THE SHOULDER ROLL!  BRING IT!  Ahem… I eagerly and humbly anticipate learning this form… I mean… yes… very much more zen…
Siljon Gyukgum Bansa: This is required for 5-Gup, 4-Gup, AND 3-Gup… so… we’ve already learned it… I think…?!?

3rd Gup Brown Belt
Begi Siljon Sam-Bon: 3 = 1+2… get it?  And we already have… gotten it before.  I think Evan on a good day may have practiced these more than the rest of us put together, but I may have given him a run for his money.
Ssangsu Gyukgum Yuk-Bon: I may find some way to rise to the occasion.  Hahahaha.  I have had this one down for a while now, just need to polish and apply as directed.
Ssangsu Gumbup Yuk-Bon: Honestly this form reminds me a lot of Pyung-Ahn O-Dan, which is a TON of fun in a ‘Stand your Ground’ sort of way.  Like Pyung-Ahn O-Dan I like how it takes elements of the preceding, dials them into a smaller circle with more directional changes, and unless I’m mistaken I think I see the first glimpses of Thrust 1 peeking out there.
(I am totally not drooling.)
Siljon Gyukgum Bansa: So Nice we Test it Thrice?!?!

So… I’m thinking doable, but if I want to challenge rank then I need to get at least 300 reps of Ssangsu Gumbup O-Bon down before I start into Yuk-Bon (though I may start memorizing before and changing what is necessary since that worked quite well for Sa-Bon).  Those forms are the only things I don’t already have memorized.

BUT!!!!?!?!  Remember how this winter taught us that knowing the moves and owning the moves are different things entirely?!

Yours in perpetual martial-artsy ambition (and nerves, let’s not forget nerves, like I really should be asleep instead of making curriculum jokes but I’m too wound up)

-Sword gimp