There is a concept that seems to exist more in oriental martial arts than in Western culture at large.  It’s the success and solidarity of the unit.  That unit may be a team, a dojang, a school, or a business, but the identity with and alongside our partners seems to matter more than I encounter elsewhere, except perhaps in my years doing Bible Camp and marching band, and I hear and read a lot about it in the military.

So, when I found out that there were additional masters (no pressure no pressure) at promotion today, I cancelled role-playing and asked the other Eolgan-i members if they would like to get together and do a light review workout, to train.

Sword God is laid out with a mild injury, but Archer and Logic Monkey joined me in the barely-freezing air to run through Gyuk-Gums, Siljong Baegi, and Cut Focus.  There was nothing fancy, nothing super-neat or ground-breaking occurred.  (I did get to almost bop Archer over the head to help fix her 11-block for Gyuk-Gum Sa-Bon.)  And I managed to nearly twist one ankle and the opposite knee!  But at the end of the day, we were friends and teammates training together.

I could have stayed home in another city and trained two additional hours today, but it was well worth it to be part of the team.

-Sword Gimp