There is almost too much to say about the amazing experience the Eolgan-i had at Range Martial Arts’ latest Haidong Gumdo performance.

But I am a writer as well as a nerd, so I will almost never give in and say nothing!

+Range Martial Arts hosted an amazing Gup-level belt test on Sunday Night.  Masters +Justin Koivisto , +Rob Frankovich from White Tiger Martial Arts, and Rick Osborn from Twin Ports Haidong Gumdo, along with Mr. Colton Frankovich and Mr. Scott Frankovich, with several other great visitors made the experience very memorable!

We received great pointers, good words of encouragement and correction, and a lot of things to work on to improve our art in the future!

I can’t think of anything else to compare it to but one of the seminars with Chief Master Parnell!  I’ve never left a promotion quite as excited for the work ahead!  I thought everyone did very well and I’m proud to be part of such a martial arts community!


How to sort through the awesome?!

  • Master Frankovich of White Tiger Martial Arts showed how very fortunate we are to have such a leader in our state Haidong Gumdo association.  He was precise and challenging, not allowing our mistakes to slide without ever resorting to a raised voice or a single scornful tone.  That is the sort of teacher who really knows how to spur his students on without frustrating or discouraging them!
  • Mr. Colton said very little, but on the way home the Nerd Posse agreed how humbling and impressive it was to see a boy take his position as a black belt seriously enough to pass up on a short-term bit of fun to invest in the martial arts society, so he taught us all a lesson just by showing up, paying attention, and investing in his commitments.  That kid is going to go far.
  • Master Oz of Twin Ports Haidong Gumdo was greatly encouraging and complimentary!  Some of his students came with him, notably Brittany and Mr. Frankovich, both of whom really amazed with great gumbup demonstrations.  They’ve really set a high bar!  It’s great to see such a spirit of friendly cooperation between our schools.  It seems like there is an incredible mixture of friendly rivalry and collaboration between our schools that I think both dojangs will be better off for it!

It was a great pleasure to receive such accurate and relevant feedback from Masters Frankovich, Oz, and Koivisto!  I can type almost all of their points out in five minutes, and I know that it will probably take me until the next gup test and beyond in order to incorporate what they have said!

  1. When promotions, stress, or fear show up it is natural for our bodies to tighten up.  Our cuts don’t reach as far, and our stances don’t go as deep.  So it is very important in training to keep long and low stances and good cut lines.  That way even when tense, you are still delivering 80% or so of the technique.  This way you will keep traveling in gumbup!
  2. All cuts go in one direction: Forward!  There are no down cuts or sideways cuts.  The sword is not an axe, but a razor-sharp instrument.  There is no need to put so much muscle behind it.  Get the right starting position, cut out and forward, and speed will do the rest!
  3. Grandmaster Kim does not want us to shout his commands back at him!  Neither does Chief Master Parnell.  The only response is Choonbi
  4. At Choonbi the fist is palm-up, just as an unarmed martial artist preparing to punch.

(This post will be edited and expanded by whoever has more to add!)