Cutting forward has, indeed, been helpful to the Logic Monkey’s technique.  I am tired and sore from doing so, but perhaps in a couple of hours I will put some more reps into it.

Then tomorrow, the Logic Monkey will do something else.  Then, Wednesday, he will do cutting again.

Why?  Because if the Logic Monkey is to achieve his unachievable goal of surpassing the Sword Gimp, he must train smarter, not harder.  There is no matching the Gimp’s stamina, and the Gimp has fewer obligations to distract from his training.  The Gimp can crank out a hundred Il-bons just because.  The Monkey cannot.

But fear not, ladies.  The wise and handsome Logic Monkey will leverage his many assets, including his vast intellect and killer good looks to compensate.

I'm afraid this sexy beast is taken.  Do not despair, ladies.  There are many men out there who are almost as wise or as handsome as I.
I’m afraid this sexy beast is taken. Do not despair, ladies. There are many men out there who are almost as wise or as handsome as I.

The mind keeps memories in boxes.  There is a the short term box, which is dumped after a couple of hours (or a couple of minutes, if your brain is as large and as active as mine).  Then, there are more boxes, each of which lasts longer and longer, until finally the contents are basically permanent so long as you use it from time to time.

The secret to moving a memory from one box into the next is to convince your brain that it needs to stick around longer.  If I want to move my amazing cutting technique into the box that lasts days rather than hours, I need to do it again within hours.  Then, my magnificent brain will say, “Aha!  The Logic Monkey intends to use this more than once.”

When I give the technique a day of rest before using it once more, my magnificent brain will say, “I see we shall need to keep this around for at least a week.”

When, on Sunday, I pay careful attention to my wrists and elbows in accord with my practice, my spectacular brain will conclude that I need to keep my cut-improving powers around even longer.

Is practicing this technique, say, twenty times per session, with sessions arranged in this fashion, going to allow me to keep up with the Gimp?  Highly unlikely.  But the return will be disproportionately larger than the investment, and when you don’t have a lot of time to invest, you must look for secrets such as these.

~ Logic Monkey

Today’s tally: 20 repetitions of Cut 1. One two-cut combo exercise. Ten repetitions each of Ja-oo-baegi and Jon-won-baegi. Five repetitions of Qui-gon-jin-baegi.

Six cut combo
Six cut combo