Today I skipped the yoga and went straight into Haidong Gumdo training. I like to train at my parents’ place because they’ve got a nice, big, fenced in back yard that gives me plenty of room to do forms without getting stunned looks from neighbors or passing cars. When I don’t feel like freezing my face off (like today) I can cheat and train inside. As long as I stay in a low stance I have just enough room to do cuts without hitting the ceiling. Makes great training for stances and cuts.

I focused just on basic cuts today. It may not seem like much but basics are the most important thing in any martial art. I also increased the challenge by using a sword 50% heavier and 3 inches longer then what I use in class. I would do 20 straight, 20 left and right, 20 straight left right, 20 lateral cuts, 20 big angle cuts, and finally 10 of the complete 6-cut set. (That’s a total of 220 cuts in about 10 minutes). Then I took a 10 minute break because…ow…my arms.

Then I did it again. That’s 440 cuts, and took a 10 minute break because…ow my arms….after a 15 minute break, I did it again. That’s 660 cuts in about 45 minutes. Ow…my arms…So worth the pain though.