If I had the same outlook and goals that I did three months ago, I would have spent most of last night memorizing Ssangsu Gumbub Obeon before we went through it in class.

Two things stopped me:

First, Chief Master Parnell’s lecture from last seminar that it is wrong for us to always want new tricks to entertain us.  Real masters, he related, go and do basic cuts for an hour.  Do I want to spend a night practicing martial arts beneath the quiet moon and in howling winds?  That appeals greatly to the romantic in me, my own private anime view of my life.  But the words of Park Gwanjangnim go through my head in his broken English: “In Korea, real master?  He go to park at night.  He pick one move.  He do three thousand times.  He go home.”  I want to do SSGB Obeon, but I want to own my way up to it.

That means 100 rep sessions on everything else up to SSGB Obeon before I do 100 reps on that, without letting the other things slide.

So far:
Ssangsu Gumbub Ilbeon, Begi Jibjeung Ilbeon,

The next issue is to honor the priorities that Master Koivisto set down: Family first, then work, then training.  I was behind in my word count for the week, so in my eyes being the better martial artist meant spending the night working on my novel.

-Sword Gimp