The Nerd Posse succeeded at our recent promotion test.  Today we worked on the fifth form in the Ssangsu Gumbub series, which Master Oz explained were battlefield forms, to kill many people as quickly as possible before they could kill you.  (Good perspective.)

Last gup level we spent most of our training time stuttering on memorizing SSGB 4 instead of polishing it.  So we agreed that our goal for the week would be as follows:

Go through all of our previous gup level material at least once a day.  From our previous work recording training we know this takes 5-7 minutes to go through them once.  If we do the basic cuts 1-3 times each, then that is about ten minutes’ time.  Then go through Ssangsu Gumbub O Bon AT LEAST  three times, ten would be better.  If we do this we will have sixty repetitions of the sequence under our belts before class on Sunday.  The goal, though is for each of us to have done Ssangsu Gumbub O Bon a hundred times before next class.  When we don’t have to think about what moves comes next, we can focus on doing the moves right, well, technique, intent, and everything that makes the difference between KNOWING the drill and OWNING the drill.

To that end I have posted the best video of the form that I can find outside of Master Frankovich’s video.  NOTE that there are differences: He does not include the thrust preparation move on the second and third thrusts, he does not stay in bumsae as deeply on the ready/pause.  He does the drop and roll instead of the turn, which I personally am going to leave for later.  But I like this video because of the fluidity he has in the central section with the turn, good travel on the back foot, and great focus one would expect from a middle-dan rank.