It was a great treat to have two straight weeks with Master Rick Osborne (Master Oz) around to participate in Haidong Gumdo on Sundays!

It was Tuesday, when my legs were still sore, that I realized what an excellent teaching technique he used on us in class on Sunday.  Going through basic cuts, very deliberately and slowly, he was perpetually encouraging, interesting, and had plenty of detailed information to pass along.

It was all a trap.

I wonder if the the other Eolgan-i realized what he was actually doing to us!  He would bring us to our next stance, and then hold it there as he explained something.  His explanation would repeat or rephrase what Master Koivisto had taught us, and as he spoke he made sure to keep moving around the room, demonstrating things with his hands…  Interacting for a quick second with a student (Everyone likes to pick on Jodi, that’s just the way it is.)  What he did not give away was that the entire time we were listening for technical details, we were Still In The Stance.

About six weeks ago the Nerd Posse found a copy of European Haidong Gumdo’s promotion requirements, which included being able to stand in various stances for a given number of minutes.  We all grimaced and groaned that we would NEVER be able to do such a thing!  Three and a half minutes in Daedose?!  Impossible!

I am willing to bet, in my cynical and innately devious mind, that Master Oz had us in each of those stances long enough to test for black belt on sheer time, and except for “stand on one leg and don’t look stupid” stance, I doubt we ever even realized it.

That is just wizardly cool as a teaching and training technique.  And now that I’ve realized it, I’m not going to be able to tell myself that I can’t hold a daedose or pakose that long… because we did!!!

Additionally, I need to hang onto this blog if I ever become an instructor, because this is one dirty trick too good not to pull on future generations!