Well, some of the Nerds have been doing much better than I have.

I’ve been sort of ill all week, and that means I’m seriously behind on my reps.

The good news is that I don’t work Friday (good for schedule, less so for saving up for the master’s exam) which means that I will be in town.  Now, the last time there was a seminar the schedule went something like this:

Friday: 2 hours training (they had their black belt test)
Saturday: 3-4 hours of training (Cutting practice at Master F’s)
Sunday: 1-2 hour morning training.
Then I hopped in a car and drove to the iron range for 2 hours of training at Range Martial Arts.

Now… if I can do that and handle that in the shape I was in 5 months ago… i ought to be able to do and handle that now!


We’ll see…