Preparing for our last exam Mrs. Ramona told us that when we do our first demo, we need to let Logic Monkey take the lead in forms because the Nerd Posse performs best at his pace.

That is probably true for group forms.

But honestly, we’re the Nerd Posse.

What are the odds that at some point if we ever do start to do demonstrations, we’re not going to want to do something like this?!

The one thing I like about surfing Youtube for Haidong Gumdo videos are the pre-arranged fights.  So pretty.

Now, there has to be some way to combine the two.

Like… the epicness of when Sword Gimp and Sword God go head-to-head in sparring.  The last time I’m pretty sure he broke my thumb, which still isn’t working right, and it was still totally worth it!

Plots deep plots….