This is the second week in a row that I have mentioned Master K’s summery of the Confucian principles behind both Tang Soo Do and Haidong Gumdo priorities:


This week at work I have been doing involuntary training.  Basically I have been dead-lifting, flipping, and carrying 40-lb plates of aluminum for machining.  It has hurt to walk and I have needed every ounce of finger strength to be able to treat solid hunks of metal the way other people might use craft paper.  I’m probably the weakest guy in my machine shop, too, so it really did take all I had every day to do the job.

This weekend, a friend who is like family to me had a crisis, and I dropped everything to be around when I thought it might help.

So, did I fail to train this week?  If you only look at the physical side of the training, it could be argued.

But if martial arts is about who we ARE and not the moves we do, if it is about being the better man/woman/child/wombat then I assert that I have been a good martial artist all the same.