A family emergency means that I will not be able to attend training for the next month so I can help take care of my parents.

As my last post indicated, I do not see this as a failure to train.

Tonight at Logic Monkeys I was messing around with his gageum (non-sharpened steel practice sword) working on the old fencing drill called “bunny ears”, how to recover from the sort of disengage we’re learning in Ssang Soo Gum Bup O Beon and keep your sword “in line” (again the fencing term for the deadly corridor between your torso and your enemies).

The weight and balance of an unsharpened steel sword are pretty much identical to a sharpened steel sword, so I have placed an order for my own gageum to train with.  I won’t need to use it in the dojang until after my next promotion.

But since when have I waited until I had to learn something to train in it instead of when I could learn something to train in it?  This explains the sort of vexed look that appeared on Master K’s face when he was correcting my lunge in SSGB O-Beon and I said, “Oh, you mean like in Thrust 1?”

*I get the look.*  Patiently: “Yes, like that.”

The fact that Master K puts up with my ambition as patiently as he does is a credit to the federation.

Anyway, in my month of exile on my parents’ farm on weekends, I will be out in the North Dakota winds (40-70 below anyone?) with a real sword in my thoroughly insulated hands swinging away.

Still pushing for ChoDan, and training hard so that I can still stay ahead of the other Nerd Posse members when I can return to formal training.

-Sword Gimp