Some may wonder why I have chosen Sun Wukong, known in Japan as Son Goku, known in Korea as, I dunno.  I am a terrible practitioner of Korean martial arts.

But so sexy...
But so sexy…

Logic Monkey is not a title of my own choosing, but it is a title I glory in, perhaps too much.  However, playing up the role of the Simian Sage is not the reason I feature Sun Wukong as an avatar.

The Monkey King, also known as Stone Monkey, also known as Great Sage, Equal of Heaven, also known as Handsome Monkey King, is renowned for his hubris.  I, also, have a small amount of hubris.

So much so that I am the least of the Nerd Posse practitioners, and the second least of the Nerd Posse teachers, that the Sword Gimp is a natural teacher, who trains harder and groks more deeply than I, and yet I seek privately to catch him and leave him behind in his master’s quest.

This is incredibly arrogant.  This is nothing more nor less than the fat kid sitting at McBurger’s, watching the joggers go by, and resolving to surpass them without immediately getting up and jogging after.


Fortunately, I have learned to bury the pain of my overwhelming hubris, and will proceed forward despite the futility of my dream.  I am already higher than I thought I would ever go (and I am not very high).  If I aim for the top and miss, I will miss high.