Nerds, we have come to the month when I will not be able to train with you in the distant mountains.

So, as I begin my exile for special cold training on the surface of Hoth (or North Dakota whichever is colder) I have the following challenges:

Eolgan-i have told me that they haven’t really lived up to last week’s challenge, so I will repeat it.  This week, I would challenge us to go through all our material at least once a day.  I know that it is cold outside, but that constitutes 7 minutes of training outdoors.  If the weather warms up and the wind chill is above zero instead of -40 something, how about trying all our stuff twice or even three times?  That might be 21 minutes to train.

THEN I want to add one new drill, a way to work on Stance Focus 1 that we can do without a muggeom, indoors, where it is warm.

Go into your first stance, and hold it for five seconds.  Go to the next stance, be careful for your transitions, and hold it for five seconds.  Do that for all of your stance focus.  Isn’t that easy?  Now try it for ten seconds each stance.  Great!  Fifteen comes next!  Simple, right?  Twenty…

I first learned the drill with V-situps, holding a perfect V balanced with just your core muscles up to a count of sixty.  Let’s shoot for 10 to 20 seconds for starters, and go from there!