Today Sword God, Logic Monkey, and I took a break from moving a truck load of my stuff from my old apartment out to Fisher, MN.  To stretch our legs we ran through forms once or twice (SSGB O-Beon about five times) before hopping into the car for the next two hour leg of our trip.

The expression on my apartment manager’s face as she interrupted us, half amused and sort of awkward, was vastly entertaining.

Even tiny moments to do forms with friends are a source of joy.

Reps: SSGB 1: 1, SSGB 2: 1, SSGB 3: 1, SSGB 4:1, SSGB 5:5,

Tonight I showed the nerds a new static training drill I learned in TKD at Parks’ Judo & Karate (for V-situps for balance and abs), working on sodosae.  Here’s how it goes: Step into Sodosae.  Keep your back straight, your legs positioned well, and your hands out.  Hold that for a slow count to five.  Then turn (transition, move the back leg) into sodosae in the opposite direction for a five count.  Turn back and count to ten, turn and count to ten.  Turn back and count to fifteen and then turn to count to fifteen.

Sodosae strength training: worked up to 20-second intervals.

Sword God and I worked out the first moves in a pre-arranged sparring fight, so that in the middle distance (6-9 months) we can have a nice sequence worked to ask for permission to use them in demonstrations.

Logic Monkey, Sword God and I reconsidered and planned out our best options as a future dojang.  Namely, what were the pros and cons of each of us taking the master’s exam, not just me.  They continue to push the idea that I’m the most naturally suited for it.

Scares the crap out of me.  It’s so much work.