My schedule was wonky today.  So I got to go through all my Gumbup three times, along with my focus drills.  I don’t think I’ll be heading out for another session of pain and awesome today, as I still have to go to le zarci and work.  But I will try and at least do an indoor stance drill before I head out at three.

I take the Sword Gimp’s challenges into advisement, but I rarely follow them exactly or at all, except on Sunday during warmup.  He’s not Master Gimp yet, and I have to tailor the training I do to the moments I can snatch for it.  That said, I don’t discount his advice.  His eye for what I need to work on is invaluable, and his suggestions for how to practice something are always better than what I end up doing.

Today, gumbup outdoors, where I have room to swing, but with terrible stances because any minute now I’m going to slip on the snow and spear myself with my lagum.  Gumbup indoors without the sword to get the stances right, and practice holding gorram saedosae.  The odds of my getting down like Master Oz, the unholy spawn of Q-Tips and steel, are not good. But by the stone from which I was born, I will try.