Every great sword has a name…
Gov a WavFirst drawn for use beneath a full moon in the last -24 degree winds of solid winter, to train my arms and legs while the world slept around me, I will call my gageom “Gov a Wav” meaning ‘Smith of Winter’ in my tribal language (and no, I’m not making it up: gov = smith, a = of, Gwav = the winter, but the G drops because it’s following a which causes the second form mutation… just in case there were linguists in the crowd.)

Why?  The sword is already forged!

Prepped for Winter TrainingIt is.  But the sword is the smith.  As I discovered when I did the flourish for Ssangsu Geombeob SaBeon a few minutes ago, my weak and faltering hand is the un-worked iron, cold-rolled steel.  At my machining job I would have to pick the right cutting tool to shape the steel into a useful tool.  In this case, the sword is the cutting tool and I am what needs shaping.

But it’s a gageom (practice metal sword)!  It doesn’t even have an edge!  How can that be great enough to deserve a name?!

This is my training sword.  It is the weight I need to master, the balance I need to master.  This is the blade I will draw and sheathe a thousand times for every time I draw a jingeom (sharpened metal sword).  This sword will have a greater effect on me, for longer, than any jingeom unless I cut off a finger or a leg.

And I have named it.  There are many like it… but Gov a Wav is mine.

PS.  It is possible to run through the 9-4 Gup material one time through before you get frostbite without gloves or a coat.  It is a great motivator to move quickly!