One of the things I have procrastinated about is taking Masters Parnell and Koivisto up on the following tidbit: Both have told me that masters train the basics cuts for an hour.  Master Koivisto further explained that this means doing everything we do in basic cuts, but 40x instead of 10x.

Now, my masochistic brain things that Gov a Wav and I have a date with the great outdoors.  An hour isn’t long enough for the 32-degree weather to kill me… and it means I can’t get frostbite on my hands!


I’m going to past an AFTER portion if my hands still work to see how well it worked.


My first reaction is that I find it ironic that it takes me 90 minutes to accomplish what the masters can do in 60.  That’s 50% slower than our awe-inspiring leaders, and that seems fitting since at Sa-Gup I am just about halfway to my Cho Dan rank.  (I have read a little too much German recently and have taken to capitalizing certain nouns.)

My second reaction is that my legs won’t stop shaking and I don’t think I can hold a razor to shave before work!  It will be a feat waking up in time for my second work-out of the day before work, but 2 workouts a day is the standard I had as an Air Force cadet and it is the standard I must meet if I am going to keep up with the Nerd Posse and look Chief Master Parnell in the eye the next time he asks, “What did you do to prepare for my coming here?”

Here are my training thoughts and ideas from the 90-minutes of basic cuts: things I think I did well, things that surprised me, and goals to work on.

Things I think I did well:
Jeongmyon begi, jwa-oobegi, and sam-dan begi all went very well.  I got good cuts forward, and it was nice to see how cutting forward pulled Gov a Wav (my gageom) right into the correct stopping position.  Jocheonse went very well, and I had a side-light so I could use my shadow to check my stances, that I was getting all the way forward and all the way back for the two daedose positions.  I think I kept good transitions and saw my targets for ieo begi in both daedose and sodose.  I think the 100 reps of Cut Focuses 1 and 2 have greatly improved my stopping positions for long-angle cuts.   I think I did a good job remembering Master Oz’s comments about the shark-fin, and making the smiley face with the blade for turns and transitions.  (If you don’t know what I mean, and you’re in the Duluth area, check out Twin Ports Haidong Gumdo!  If you’re in the Iron Range, Range Martial Arts is the place to be!  Ahem… back to my ramble.)

Things that surprised me:
By the time I got to bich gwangja begi I had been in gimase for at least 10 minutes without a break, and my arms were tired.  But when I focused on flicking the blade to cut forward, and flowing from the end of one position to the next instead of cutting harder or trying to cut faster, I ended up saving a lot of effort, my cut lines stayed clean, and I caught something of a second wind.  Doing geumgye doglib palsangse after 40 fast back-and-forth cuts in sodose made me realize how much of my core I really use when I do transitions and stances correctly.  I could barely keep my knees up and I hadn’t worked on Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, or Krav Maga all week!
The most painful part of training was a big shocker: the supporting muscles for jayeonse working on ap-eulo, dwilo, jwalo, and ulo.  For one thing that was a LONG time in walking stance, but the tiny supporting muscles have got to strengthen up because it’s easier to work on the big flashy stances and moves.  It was harder to hold my gageom steady for 40 reps of forward-back-left-right then it was to raise and cut for sa-eo begi!!!
The biggest surprise was, for lack of a better word, the trance thing.  After 20 reps or so of each technique I found myself zoning out, just flowing through stance, angle, see the target, then cut… so some of my numbers could be somewhere between 40 and 60 reps for some techniques, depending on how much fun they were.

Things to work on:
I forgot to drill saseon olleo begi!!! *SHAME*
I need to do more static drills so that my lib palsangse combinations rest higher and with better balance.  Death to the hated Weeble Wobble Stance!
Timing: I need to be more disciplined as to my training time.  I procrastinated and was still outside training when the local school bus zipped by.  That was embarassing!
And most importantly: Consistency.  No matter what I gained will be lost if I don’t do this at least one more time this week.  It’s looking like Friday.  And then every other afternoon workout will have to be other techniques, or I won’t have time to make any progress!

So: training log: 90 minutes on basic cuts (’cause I’m slow and a real Cho-Dan or better could do them in 60), 40+ reps of the basic cuts except for saseon olleo begi! (back to SHAME).

That was sort of awesome, and I didn’t drop Gov a Wav even after I couldn’t feel my hands!

Post Script: 4 blisters, no waiting.