I spent yesterday on the road taking care of business matters, but had a chance to pause in the Nerd Posse’s town and get a little bit of training in with Logic Monkey and our respective gageum.  (I need to study Korean more so I can do plural forms.)  He helped me live up to my own words and run through everything one time (it took us 15 minutes and we didn’t hurry at all!)

My thoughts on the matter arise in a shameless derivation of the Shaolin ethics from the original Kung Fu TV series pilot:

It is better to train in a dojang than outside of one.
It is better to train with a group than alone.
It is better to train alone than not at all.
It is better to train somehow than not to train.

Master Po Moment from the Kung Fu series

Cross training note:
Unarmed arts do not use quite the same muscles as armed arts.  Back at Haidong Gumdo for 10 months now and a single 35-minute repetition of Sae Kye Hung 1-3 over and over has my legs shaking like a newborn colt.

(Which probably means I need to do more TKD/TSD/Krav in the off moments.)