Of course, you have all missed the shining face of everyone’s favorite sage.

Who could blame you?
Who could blame you?

Alas, I took ill last week.  And my computer exploded.

Sick sucks.  I spent Sunday in bed.  And then, I got up to train.

I would refrain from boring you with the details, but I basically list the training I do on this site so I can compile it at test time.  SO:  Prior to getting sick, I did Stance Focus III around twenty times, because it’s mainly the stances that are killing me in classes.  If I can get my legs to shut up, I will be able to devote even more of my magnificent brain to training.

After getting sick, there was Monday.  I did stance focus 1-3 twice, cutting focus 1 twice, and decided to go through all my forms three times: one fast, one slow and methodical, one fast.  I got as far as form two before I almost died of asthma a nefarious wind-ninja attack.

Pictured: asthma
Pictured: asthma

Tuesday was a little better.  I really like forms because they’re so flowy and pretty, especially the most recent two.  So if I’m going to do something, I’d prefer it be forms.  But even though sabon and obon are great big candy-bars of Jedi-awesomeness, I refuse to do a new form in private unless I’ve gone through all of my old forms.

More cognizant of my limitations, I went through each form just twice, but I got all the way through them before the wind-ninja returned.

Wednesday, I completed all forms four times, plus stance and cutting focuses.  Thursday, the Sword God and I did stance and cutting focuses, gyukkum, and gumbup.  Friday I did forms with the Sword Gimp.  I think we did the foci and the gyukkum as well.  (You are both welcome to correct me.  My brain is still a mite addled).

I always rest on Saturday because I’m going to train for two hours Sunday evening.

Which brings us to yesterday.  My still-recovering body did not want to go through even the first portion of basic cuts.  I wore out so quickly so fast, that if I hadn’t spent most of the two hours holding paper, I don’t know if I would’ve made it.

Naturally, I did the most logical thing possible (being the Logic Monkey): I formed up with the posse and asked if we could train for four hours at a pop instead of two.


That brings me up to date.  From here out, it’s train, train, train.  Especially stamina.  NEED MOAR STAMINA.