As everyone here has already noticed, this is my first post here. If you’ve read the “About the posse” page or heard mention of me in the other posts, I am the one the others refer to as “Sword God”. Let’s just get this out of the way, I am in no way, shape or form, any type of being close to that resembling a deity. I believe in one true God and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like me.

That being said, I choose to not remove myself from the name. Not because I particularly like it or believe it to be even remotely true. I choose to keep it around because it seems to give my friends joy and amusement.

Now that that’s out of the way, a small bit on who I am.

I first learned to use the sword by practicing Kum-do (A korean version of Ken-do) at a local dojang and would continue to attend for about 7 years total with some time off in the middle for college. There I achieved my black belt I would continue to attend classes for some time after.

This did not come easily, nor does anything come easily in my life. I am one of those people who if they were born with any sort of natural talents, I am yet to discover it. Swordsmanship came hard to me at first. My early forms and stances where sloppy and my early matches and tournaments were nothing short of embarrassing. However, I didn’t let this convince me give up, instead I trained as hard as my young, teenage body would let me and after several years of hard work things finally started to make sense to me.

Hard work pays off in time.

None of the other members of the Nerd Posse knew me during this stage. Archer, my own wife, would not even know me until I had already achieved my third gup, while well on my way to second gup. And Sword Gimp and logic Monkey met me not too long before I tested for my 1st dan.

However, as happens with many people I was forced to take some time off due to financials constraints brought on by college and other life responsibilities. During this time my instructor, Grand Master Spencer Brandt, had unfortunately passed away. I found it difficult to continue my training after this as the nearest school would require many hours of driving and lead to problems with my work schedule in order to attend.

I feel I have caught onto the art of Haidong Gumdo quite well despite the many habits I am being forced to break (More on those in a future post). It is definitely an interesting transition going from a hard dueling style like Kum-do to to more flowy, soft style of Haidong, but I feel very much at home in this art, and the closest, dearest people of my life are right there to share it with me. And quite frankly, what more could I ask for?

There is still much to learn, and the beauty of it all is that there always will be much to learn. I look forward to the pains and failures that naturally accompany the joys that come with success that can only come from hard work.