We worked on focus drills this weekend at Range.  It was glorious.

We did Cut 1, Cut 2, and Cut 3!  (Keep your stance low, watch your cut lines, do a complete cut to the stopping position before starting the next technique in the sequence, and the cuts are tip-out forward cuts instead of cuts down.  Also, do not fail to go all the way through for overhead cuts, they should stop just below your belt!)

We worked on Stance Focus 1, 2, 3, 4 (Inside leg H) and 5 (outside leg H!)  I was VERY glad that I took time to review them since we last saw these in the summer of 2014!!!  I am going to make very certain to take more careful notes for my private log!

Thrust 1 appeared with a lot more detail on blade positions than we had done before (maintain orientation for the center thrusts and rotate neck thrusts to straight!!!)

Defense 1 and 2 were good!  (Don’t swing the last two defenses but cut down.  Blocks 3 and 4 are against horizontals to the head!!!)

cartoon_sword_cut_by_realtazman-d56tmdfThen it was back to cut 3.

Master K did a great variation of the drill, having us all face outward in a box so that no one was watching anyone else, just doing their best.  I really did enjoy that!

We did get a lot of new information, or rarely reviewed information including some stuff off of the Cho Dan list.  I’m going to be sure to write them down so I can keep polishing them for future use.

In other news…

We had our first official meeting to start the LLC that will run our theoretical martial arts school.  The paperwork ought to be filed this week, or at least the early stages.  We spent some time talking about roles, who will focus on what, et cetera.

My job for the team?  Learn, train, and drill everything since I’m the default teacher in the group.

So, to put up my end of the business I have committed to put in two hours every day in physical training.  That may sound extreme but back on the farm two hours of work a day was just what one had to do in order to have the right to eat food, it was our room and board payment in time and labor.

Now that we’re actually starting a business for martial arts, I have a new chores list.  There is less shoveling horse manure and more swords, so this is better by far!

(Hours on the exercise bike, cross-training in TKD and TSD with some Krav Maga, and lifting weights will be added in so that I can better LOOK the part I need to play and to be better conditioned to train harder!!!)

To that end I asked Master K how many times I needed to practice the form I am working on before I am ready to practice the next one.  The answer?

[With some clarifications after an e-mail conversation with Master F.]


(No, not actually.  That was offered by someone else.)

There is no magic number!  50-100x as a start is the number needed to memorize the move sequence for a form, but that is just the start.  My next post will go into greater detail on forms work and training as I start focusing on… forms work in my own training!

It is actually possible to work on multiple forms at once (which is good since I always find something to fix on every form I do)

(I still have a ways to go if I want to try and challenge rank once again!)

Spent 10 hours on the road this weekend in addition to training, so perhaps a tiny nap first…