If Haidong Gumdo was my hobby, I would go back to bed and get to the factory on 6 hours of sleep instead of 4.

But Haidong Gumdo is now officially my job (’cause the LLC I’m part of says that my job is to train my butt off to help teach others in the future.)

So it’s off to work I go, before it’s off to work I go.

Also, 2 typos of the NAME OF MY MARTIAL ART to my recent email to local masters means that I am not going to get anything more done worthwhile on a keyboard today…

Today’s goal: Learn SSGB Yeogbeon so that I can try to challenge rank.  Long-term goal: Try to be ready for Cho-Dan by the fall seminar testing…

Work accountability:

Cardio: 115 minutes on the exercise bike.

3/31 Sick Day

4/1 Stance 1: 5; stance 2:5; stance 3:5; Cut 1:5; Cut 2:5; Cut 3:5; Gyukgums 1-6 10 each; 10-steps 1-4 10 each; stance 1: 10, 2: 3, 3:3; 4:3; 5:13; 6:13;