Daniel Miagi KataThere has definitely been a lot to think about over the past few weeks.  But last weekend I got a special lesson about learning forms!

It’s even more special because I don’t think that my master ever intended to teach me, though I don’t think that he would mind me learning it.

Sunday I watched Master Koivisto spend an hour or two to learn a single form.  I watched him use the resources that I use, and go through the process I do (look it up, do a bit, look up the next few steps, put it together slowly…)

I didn’t gain any martial arts super power or learn a fantastic technique doing this (though he did later show me a great and awesome detail about SSGB 6 and some throat-cutting during  a spin), but I was greatly encouraged.

Lesson DivisionMy master showed me, without teaching me, that we’re all human beings, that the way we learn, we learn, and that even though he is years further on the path than I am, we are on the same path.

It was awesome.

Sometimes a Master shows you great things when he seems so far beyond you that you will never catch up.  Sometimes he shows you great things when he shows you that you are on the right road anyway.

Goal and Reach

As a bonus treat for the day, this comes from Master Grissom down near Circle Pines!