Note to self (because Master Koivisto has started giving me training tips during class, which is greatly appreciated since Logic Monkey and I start training together on our own the first week of next month…)

When a student’s stance is too narrow, or otherwise off, there is no need to correct them verbally when a slight bump on the shoulder will do. Typically when they catch themselves to keep from falling, their feet will end up on the right spot.

Of course, I was so focused on my own stance, on focus, breathing, and my legs that I totally missed it.  You know, when Master Koivisto did it five feet away from me.

For my best friend.


Perhaps I OVER focused….

But there are two weeks until both Chief Master Parnell AND Master Kim show up in the Twin Cities!  No pressure.

Logic Monkey and I attended both a beginner’s class and then the advanced class back-to-back.  We stood in kimase for more than 20 minutes straight at the start of the lesson.  It was another 20 minutes before my left leg stopped trembling, but by the end of hour three I was back to my normal pudgy endurance.

It was an interesting challenge standing in the front row, doing the moves slow, deliberate, and trying to make them OBVIOUSLY correct.  I enjoyed the challenge!

The funniest thing that happened all day was when Master K started the beginner’s class with instruction to go easy, since OUR workout would come later… followed by about half an hour in horse stance…

Thank you, Lord, for teaching me humility.

Also, for the lesson on wicked helpful things to do to strengthen my legs and help any future students strengthen theirs!!!