After an amazing time at Chief Master Parnell’s seminar this weekend, I could barely believe I was able to participate in master’s training on such short notice!

Now... clear and cut.  Run run run!
Now… clear and cut. Run run run!

Day one of Master Kim’s master’s training is done!  What a day!
It has been a very long time since I’ve had this much material to absorb all at once.  I hit my information limit with Sanngsu Paldo Chuggum’s 10-12 still incoming!

I’ve got great notes on stance focuses, cut focuses, and I love hanging out with the Minnesota master’s.  I was in the parking lot of Master Boltz’ excellent dojang for another hour or so talking shop with Master Oz and Master Rose.

Wolverine MilkMy path is just beginning but I can’t wait to have the chance to drill these new techniques and press on.  I also had a great chance to talk with Master Oz about training goals, ideas, fixes, and mutual notes over a well-earned chocolate milk!

Haidong Gumdo is the absolute bomb.  This is so worth it.

Master Kim is simply awesome.  He is humble, quiet, intensely competent, and his technique has to be seen to be believed.  He’s also simply honest.  My favorite comment so far today is, to paraphrase: “If you want to know more detailed information, get more skill.  Then I can teach you more.”

Training next to Masters Oz, Rose, Koivisto, and Frankovich has been humbling and challenging.  I want to keep up, to excel, and they’re setting a great pace!  (Master Boltz and a ChoDan who has recently joined are also so much better than I am that it defies description, but I haven’t spent the last year in awe of them simply because we hadn’t met!)

As an amusing side note, my hotel room in South St. Paul is in the same poor neighborhood as my last apartment in the Twin Cities.  I can literally look out the window and see the old apartment right this moment.  I drove here half asleep and made the turns from sheer reflex, only to find out I had made all the right turns!

Material worked on / Material to work up / Things to improve so far:

Scott Pilgrim Fight EndKibon Doncha
Stance Focus 1
Stance Focus 2
Stance Focus 3
Cut Focus 1
Cut Focus 2
Cut Focus 3
Ssangsu Paldo Chuggum 1 – 12.

Nerd Posse… if you’re reading this, do you have any idea how many sore muscles lie in our future?

Yes of them….