Hello guys! It’s been another long stretch since I haven’t posted so I thought I’d catch up a little.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve now trained outdoors in almost every kind of weather: Freezing cold, snow, cloudy, wind, rain, and now humid and hot with a sunburn to match. (My face and forearms)  This past Sunday at Northwind Martial arts was a session that happened to touch a lot of my weaknesses. How to work with your own body instead of fighting it- stay loose, not tense and you will last much longer in training (instead of being ready to pass out in 20 minutes like I was). Then doing individual forms while my master instructor and fellow students watched. When the form was done they said one thing I did well at and one thing I need to work on.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had issues performing in front of people in general. Even though it was just my closest friends, I found that I was nervous and shaking at times after finishing a form. This gave me a great opportunity to become better at controlling my nerves. By form #4 I had relaxed, instead of being nervous through all of them like I normally would at testing. I even completed the shoulder roll in #5 without pause (I’d been struggling with that as well) and completed form #6 without pause (which I hadn’t done until Sunday) When I say without pause, I mean I wasn’t pausing to think-wait which move comes next. I know there were other pauses within the moves- I still flow like a brick.

I’ll try to post on a weekly basis now instead of monthly. Onward to more training (and possibly more sunburn)