This Sunday we trained in various levels of rain, and got to work on mudo when we ignored the elements.  It’s one of those training experiences that seems a great challenge at the time, and seems like a great anime victory in hindsight.

Focusing past the weather, I was very excited about what I saw in training!

Training started with a focus on the basics.  With promotion to Sam Gup the Nerd Posse has entered the territory of upper gup ranks.  That transition comes with benefits and challenges alike.  Without working ahead, we know we’re working towards our black belt tests within a year.  The stances that were fine for low/middle gups are no longer going to pass muster.  It’s time to fine-tune the hand positions, get the stances deeper, knees bent, and so many more details.  At times it seems overwhelming, and at other times when we reach our goals it seems victorious!

Some of the victories from this week included our first formal attempt at putting the partnered gyukgums on the trigram pattern, doing them 8 times and ending where you started!  Reviewing stance focus and cut focus I could see a lot of progress from our most recent promotion a month ago.  The nerds are working hard and it’s showing!

We spent the bulk of the time on Ssangsu Gubeob Yeuk Bon, an awesome pattern full of turns and solid stances.  As we approach the halfway mark between promotions (one week away!) we have made great progress and have a lot of work to do in order to prepare for Ee Gup.

One of the great advantages to starting with a small school is our ability to focus individually on work.  I was able to give everyone a couple of things that I thought they did very well, and several things to work on as we go forward.

We have a couple of leads for more permanent training facilities, and once we have that worked out recruitment is going to go full speed ahead, but until then we have plenty of work to do forging a core of future leaders for our school!

After the Nerd Posse bowed out I had half an hour to work on my own gumbeob on the rain, SSGB 6-11 three or more times each!