When I went out to train today my project was going to be the basic cuts and focus drills, I only had about an hour to train before I had to get home and do laundry. I ended up working through the basic cuts 10 reps each and 1 focus drill. I picked apart and worked on just cutting focus 1 with the foam sword and before I knew it, my hour was up. I didn’t count my repetitions, so it was one less thing for my brain to think about. All I thought about was technique and doing it right, the numbers didn’t matter. I started off just doing the first two cuts, when I felt comfortable I’d switch to the next two, when I was comfortable with the next two I’d piece all 4 of them together, repeat the process until I had the whole technique put together. I probably only did the whole technique 4 or 5 times but I feel proud of myself none-the-less. Must continue training to be awesome…