I’ve started a new kind of journey that I’ve never done before in my life: running on a regular basis. I know now that cardio is a big weakness of mine in Haidong Gumdo training. In Master Burn’s previous post he brings up a good point that it’s hard to get into the little details of training when you can’t get past the ‘I can’t breath…’ portion 10 minutes after the basics. So I decided to start running on the ‘off’ days of training before work.

For those of you who have seen Big Hero 6 I feel like the robot Baymax when I run- or rather try to run. I’m short, have short, little legs, and I’m still not in the best shape:

I estimated that the 5 block stretch between my apartment and Paul Bunyan drive was about 1/4 of a mile so If I do 4 laps that might be around a mile. Monday I made 4 laps up and down the street running the 5 blocks then walking 1 block. Today I made 6 laps running the 5 blocks then walking 1 block. I am Not the fast, but it doesn’t really matter when it’s just against yourself.