Check out all my bulging muscles.

Master Roshi White Belt Fantasy

Yeah.  I am a mighty beast.


I’ve started on a workout program recently.  And by recently, I mean yesterday.  It’s part two, where going to bed on time was part 1.

I wanted to wait until I’d been working on it for a decent amount of time before saying anything.  Because it’s gauche to boast about one’s rippling pectorals when said pectorals are still in the mail.

But I’m s’posed to use this blog to track my trials and victories so that I can look back on my past self and go “wow.  I used to suck a lot more.”  And so that my future classmates, after looking with amazement on my mad skillz(TM), can come to the blog and know that I too was once where they were.

Where I am now.

My Krav Maga book has an exercise program.  Krav is meant to be used by anyone, up to and including little old ladies with arthritis, so you would think the exercise program in the beginners book would be doable.  In fact, it has three levels, so you can increase the intensity as you improve.  You would think the first level of the program in the beginners book would be doable.

I got through one cycle.  Mind you, I was only supposed to do two, but still… I could only manage half the exercise a book for n00bs thinks I should do.

Well, I’ll get through both of them tomorrow.


Today it’s just stretches.  So, unlike yesterday where I did a (very) abbreviated gibondoncha and one repetition of form 6, today I should be able to get some actual practice in.

First, though, I’m going to tuck my happy, chirping child into bed with my wife, so that she’ll wake up and show me how to use her coffee machine…