Yesterday was more of a mental victory than physical training. I had one of those morning I knew that I should train but I really didn’t ‘feel’ like it. The weather was depressing, cloudy very windy and it rained a bit. I found the will power to train anyway. I had trained in much worse weather…. and honestly I had some laundry that needed be done ( I was out of detergent). So I drove to my parents’ place and trained in their yard while doing a load of laundry. Within that time frame I did one rep of all the forms, stance focus, cut focus, and sparring. I did 5 reps of 1-5 Gyukum and I think I did 8 reps of Gyukum 6…(I don’t remember) So, nothing really impressive for physical training- but it was training none-the-less. A note to self: I can use training as an excuse to keep up better with laundry (and vice-verse)