Believe it or not, it’s possible….While working on SSGB Yuk Bon, the other students explained to me their methods of remembering what angle came next. Evan relies on footwork and knowledge of the numbers to do his pattern, Greg simply uses muscle memory and claimed he probably could do the pattern with his eyes closed. This gave us an idea… We challenged each other to do Yuk Bon with our eyes closed. (Evan pulled his bandana over his eyes- hence the picture, it reminded me off daredevil) It eliminates every obstacle that we could have to help us, so nothing is left but imagining the pattern in our minds, muscle memory and instinct. For the most part it worked!  Greg simply didn’t turn far enough on the final thrust so he ended up slightly off, Evan’s angles were slightly off for the beginning of the pattern, but in the end, he somehow managed to fix it and end in the correct direction. My first few walking steps were crooked but other then that, the rest of the pattern turned out correct. It was an interesting experience for all of us to not rely on sight for our movements, balance was tested and all of us felt like falling over at least once.