About a year ago Chief Master Parnell gave the Minnesota Haidong Gumdo community a speech to the effect that to take up a black belt is to take up a lifestyle that involves exercise and fitness.

It’s a work in progress.  Though I’m more than 30 pounds lighter than when I began training in Haidong Gumdo, that is far from my goal.  Mrs. Rebeccah Ekmark at Range Martial Arts summed it up very well in a recent blog post.

After a recent severe illness I’ve lost a lot of cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength.  My master’s examination is in a few months, so there is no time to waste regaining it.

I love running, but crippled knees means that I can’t train the way that I did when I was younger.  That doesn’t mean I can’t train.  My current setup is a recumbent exercise bike parked in front of my 360 so I don’t go nuts from boredom while grinding out cardio and weight lifting.

It’s a gamble.  I tried playing through Assassin’s Creed, but I simply can’t stand how awkward AC3 is.

Assassins Creed Yet Another Fail

The game that concludes the race to save the world is the most persistently aggravating example of throwing out what works for the sake of something less efficient because it’s “new”.  There’s only so much Edsel design philosophy I can handle.

But I still have to train?!  Why yes, strangely enough, I do.

So, it’s back to the tried and true.


Training progress:

Starting weight: 278 lbs.  Current: 247.  Target: 208 or lower.

We’ll see how it is by the time Shepard walks into the light…