Gonna skip on the pictures this time, I’m beat.

So I’ve had a really long day at work and was already really low on energy. But I’d just recently learned form 7 and I’ve been working really hard at that one all week, but I was concerned I may have been neglecting my other forms and needed a day to just keep rotating through all of my forms in constant repetition. So I tell myself “Okay, we will just start going and stop once where exhausted, but try to go for at least ten of each.”

I got to the 5th repetition and nearly collapsed. I knew that I could do more then that, so I got up, went back in the house and had some water, filling a jug on my way back out. I decided that I would just take a quick water break after each set to try to keep me going.

It took some doing, but I made it to my 10th repetition before walking over to my water jug and staring at it, then thought to myself “You know, there’s still a LOT of water in that jug…” So I decide to do it again.

11th repetition, knees starting to shake as I balance on the tree. “Hmm… there’s still plenty of water in that jug… let’s do one more.”

12th repetition, I’m sweating so much my earbuds keep falling out on their own. I make my way to the tree. “Still plenty in there… and I like this song, lets do one more.”

13th repetition, practically leaning on the tree by this point. “There’s still a little in there… once more!”

14th repetition, absolutely no water left in my jug at this point. “Fourteen is such a stupid number to stop at…” So I push myself off the tree, groan as I lift my sword back up, and do it again.

15, 15 repetitions. I thought I hadn’t had the energy to even do ten when I started, then it occurs to me that this has happened to me before. Sometimes, I have the hardest time motivating myself to train, and at first every move feels like I’m swinging a log, but once you get going and build some momentum, the victory of one more time just feels so much better then stopping.

So when your feeling exhausted, that you just can’t take another step, just tell yourself “Again, once more!” Or Dashi Hanbon, if you feel so inclined, you never know, the next one might just come a little easier then you’d think.