LOGIC MONKEY: “Come, my boon companions! Let us bisect yon wayfarer and divest the resulting detritus of any lucre.”

SWORD GOD: “Naw. I say we cut him in half and steal his gold.”

ARCHER: “I think that’s what he said.”

SWORD GOD: “Don’t take his side!”

Group approaches Sword Gimp.

SWORD GIMP: “Hi guys. Um, nice day, isn’t it?”

SWORD GOD: “A nice day to cut you in half.”

SWORD GIMP: “What?  Is there anything I can do to change your mind?”

SWORD GOD: “Okay. Give us your money, and we’ll cut you in half.”

SWORD GIMP: “You mean, ‘or’, right?”

SWORD GOD: “What?”

SWORD GIMP: “You want me to give you my money, OR you’ll cut me in half.”

SWORD GOD: “Why would I say something like that?”

LOGIC MONKEY: “Allow me.  What my erudite friend is attempting to elucidate is that he believes you to be committing the fallacy of the false dichotomy.”

SWORD GOD: Draws sword and points it at LOGIC MONKEY. “I’ll dichotomy you if you don’t shut up!”

Sword Gimp starts backing off.

ARCHER: “Guys, he’s getting away.” Draws sword.

Group turns attention to SWORD GIMP.  LOGIC MONKEY draws his sword.

Fight ensues.