No plan survives contact with the enemy.

Not long after I posted my fantastic plan to super-train on Tuesday, I got sick and spent the day in bed.

Flashcards with story take a long time to make.  After two hours of forging ahead on Wednesday, with the result of only four cards, I decided that I would rather face the diminishing returns of overtraining than the rewards of not training (but doing so in theoretically a very efficient manner).  If I’m going to not train, I may as well play videogames.

I’m trying to become a videogame hero, not pretend I’m one.

So far, then, I’ve put about ten hours into SSGB 7.  There are two or three big major hiccoughs I hope to iron out today.  There’s also a ton of little stuff — angles of blocks, keeping my back straight at certain points, etcetera, but there are two places in particular, where I always pause in the middle of what is supposed to be a single fluid combo.  If I can get those pauses out today, and spend 20 hours next week fixing angles and the like, I might actually be in good shape.

It’ll be interesting to get Master Gimp’s take on where I am tomorrow.  And next week’s schedule is going to have a designated “video this and send it in” point on, say, Wednesday.

Well, gotta go try the hoary technique known as ‘practice’.