What do you get when you mix 4 nerds, martial arts, and the Renaissance Festival? One big adventure that’s what. Northwind had planed to do demonstrations to attract new students to the gym but we had very little idea how to actually do them. Thanks to Master Shirk, we learned so much in one weekend. Here were the main lessons we took from the demonstration

-Gibondoncha is essential in practicing every time we train, but didn’t seem to get much of a thunderous applause, just a ‘golf-clap’ so for any future demonstrations done by Northwind, Gibondoncha is out.

-Group forms are cool if done in a unique way. The audience gave a ‘golf-clap’ in form 1 as a group, but clapped much louder as form 2 was done in a triangle (and it helped if it was done in sync) and when we expanded form 4 into a fight.

-Cutting, lots and lots of cutting! The audience seemed to love the mat cutting and potato cutting (even more when it was successful)

Mudo, lots of Mudo and have fun!! Mistakes were made, and as long as we worked through them and looked like we were still having fun, the audience didn’t seem to notice and cheered anyway.

We also enjoyed the privilege to walk around the ren fest with our kageum, un zip-tied. (Ok, so we geeked out about it.) We all trained hard a month straight for the demo and I’d say after all the hard work it was a successful weekend.