After a fun and educational trip to the Ren Fest, the Northwind Crew headed back to Bemidji.  This past week started our month-long emphasis on fighting!

Fighting drills are a great addition to training!  A student told me after class that the one-step drills really helped their understanding, not of sparring, but of forms!  Where free-fighting, or sparring, tends to degrade techniques from forms and drills into abbreviated, faster things, one-step drills like the ones that Northwind Martial Arts LLC uses in its gup curriculum show the application of theories and moves that show up after the first few forms.  One-step drills refer to the fact that there is only one command, the attacker gets the signal to go, and the defender counters.

Because the gup-level sparring drills are 18 parts long (culminating in line-sparring) we’re going to cover a few more techniques on the list every week through September.  I was glad to get through sparring drills 1-7 last week.  Next week we’ll start in on the half-swording techniques that blend the principles of hard and soft martial arts styles!  Practice your breakfalls, folks, because these involve some low-energy throws (not high-energy throws like hip and shoulder throws)!

Additionally, we’re working through the partnered Gyukgums that Chief Master Parnell shared with our region.  We got through the first two, with two weeks to go to work up the partnered versions of Gyukgums 3-7.

As a further preview, once we have the solo sparring drills, here is the first hint of Zombie October!  Wear your contacts, bring your game face, the month of October will work up the Krav-Maga inspired zombie fighting drills!