For once I went out and trained on a Monday evening. Normally, Mondays are a rest day for me because I’m usually sore from Sunday’s class. With new events coming up, seminar, testing, and the first Northwind martial arts demo, I’m kick things back in to gear in my training (really, I should always be training as hard as I can every day but I’m only human) Monday I worked on just Gibondoncha and my goal was to train for an hour. At about 45 minutes, I was spent, my RWBY playlist was almost done, and I wasn’t sure what to do next. Instead of calling it a night, I re-started my soundtrack and worked on a few more techniques. I was rewarded with training under the stars, moonlight and a lighting show from the storm brewing south of town. With a little bit of Mudo I was able to push myself, made my goal for the night and felt a small victory.