I wiped out at Renfest.

No, I don’t mean the part where I faceplanted in the middle of a form.  That was a classic comedy moment followed by an immediate, badass recovery.  In short, not a wipe out.  It was awesome.

In the process of focusing all my attention on mastering Form 7, I blew my sleep schedule, my diet, my exercise routine, my scheduling… I lost all the ground I had gained in the prior several months.  (Though I only gained back five of the fifteen pounds I lost, so that was something…)

Then, during my awesome moment at Renfest, I also sprained my foot.  After a couple of days, I could walk on it, but the sucker still hurts. (The nurse says that’s normal, call back if it’s still painful after two months, and make sure to walk a lot to help it heal faster).

I also got a stomach bug and, subsequently, a respiratory illness which kept me from training and kept me out of class for two weeks.

So, that all sucks.  How do I fix it?

I *will* fix it.
And I will fix it.

  1. I won’t fix it all at once.  When I look at all the ground I’ve lost, the thought of leaping that distance in a single bound is enough to make a man give up hope.  So I pick one thing.  I choose diet.  I’ll do that first because it seems to make the biggest, baddest difference in my mood.  Then I’ll get my exercise back in.
  2. I won’t fix it all at once.  Once my mood is through the roof again, I will have to consciously move slow.  I bit off more than I could chew with the high-velocity Form 7.  Each time I start a new project, I will ask my wife and the Sword God, both of whom have a better idea of my limits than I, if this sounds like something I can handle.  That’s the ironclad rule: No moving forward without their input.  Period.
  3. will fix it.  I count my epic faceplant as a win because it didn’t stop me.  If I took that pratfall in a real fight, would I be dead?  Probably.  But not certainly.  Because I sprang up and finished the fight.
  4. It will make me more awesome than I would have been without the fall.  I know something more about my limits.  To extend my limits, I must push them to the breaking point, without pushing them past the breaking point.  I can do that better now than I ever did before I crashed and burned.
    The fall was inevitable.  I was going to push too hard sooner or later.  But if I’d gone farther, I would have lost more.  In both cases, I learn to do better next time.  In this case, I get my lesson with a small setback instead of an enormous one.

I went out today and went through my forms.  I kinda sorta still know them.  I’m behind my nerd bros on a lot of training.  Tonight’s going to suck like a carpet-cleaning competition.

But I got this.