Life happens. (Duh) When life happens, it seems that you never have enough energy or never have enough hours in the day to complete everything that you want to do. After moving into a house, unpacking and cleaning, many long days at work this week, my in-laws and friends coming to visit, I still had to find time to train.

I’m learning how to use my time better. If I end up sleeping in (it happened a lot) and I only had 45 minutes to train before work instead of 2 hours, I didn’t think: “Oops, I’ll just try again tomorrow. ” I thought: “Get your ass out of bed, you’ve got 45 minutes GO, GO, GO!”  If I had 10 minutes to spare on my lunch break, my perspective has changed from: “I can’t do much in 10 minutes, why bother” to:  “Let’s see how much I can get done in 10 minutes…GO, GO, GO!” Or if I had half an hour between projects around the house. (Nun, Nun, Nun, Nun!). Lack of time can’t be an excuse anymore. (it never should have) I just need to adjust to make it work for me.