Last week I turned on Hulu, picked one of my favorite shows and did some stance focus drills while watching TV. One of the shows was called ‘Tanked’ where these two guys build HUGE saltwater or freshwater aquariums. These aquariums often take weeks of hard work and an entire team to build but somehow the team manages to blow off a little steam on the job. The saying they like to use is ‘Work hard, play harder’

That sounds like a great motto for a martial artist to live by. Train hard, but still find ways to make training fun. Like last Sundays class. We worked on a sparring drill that I personally have been struggling with: One with a soft style throw. Master Bruce was so patient with me even though he knew that I just wanted to explode. Once we moved on to the next technique with a hard-style throw I had a little more fun. Mr Hartshorn Who was my partner for the night, said something like: ” I won’t be in class for the next two weeks so if you end up breaking me I’ll have time to recover…” One of my throws not only worked, but he did an extra tumble and skidded a few inches across the floor. “I regret saying that comment now…” Got a laugh from the whole class.

The next technique was a disarm. If done correctly, your opponents sword is going to get knocked out of their hands, but sometimes it’s hilarious where the sword ends up going. Master Bruce somehow sent Evan’s sword bouncing through his legs and out behind him. (Evan was in walking-stance…) Then we worked on forms. SSGB 8 is even more fun than 7…This week, my new focus isn’t going to be on techniques so much, it’s going to be more on physical conditioning and flexibility. The other idea I had was to use future blog posts to help keep track of not only training goals, but nutrition and weight goals. I also downloaded an app on my phone to help remind me to drink more water over the course of the day. (I honestly didn’t know that I had to drink THAT much….)

Oz drank: 49