1 picture is worth 1000 words.
Master Frankovich shared this on his FB page from the Peaceful Warrior Black Belt Club.


I came home from work.  Took one look at it, and got up and did my Tae-Kwon-Do 100-kicks drill for the day.  I’m also putting it on my computer’s desktop.

Do your students believe that you are training harder than they are?  Do your fellow students believe that you are going to push them to be their best?  Do your masters believe that you’re doing your best?

When you look them in the eyes the next time, the only person who controls whether you feel shame or pride, is you.  This week.  Today.  This hour.  This minute.

You can choose.

Choose wisely.


There are always obstacles.  At 22 I was competing in tri-state invitationals and taking home medals.  At 40 I’m just glad that I can complete the sequence, though my inner 22-year old was crying in the back of my head at what time and my own lack of discipline had done to me.

I can’t change the past, not to fix the injuries, or to make different choices.  God Himself does not change the past, and you can claw at that brick wall until your hands break, it won’t do you any good.

You can choose what you’re going to do with your past, to let it weigh you down, or spur you forward.

Today I decided that I’ll face my self-defense club and my Haidong students with my head up.

fyi, don’t worry about the count on the 100 kicks drill.  The current variation is (straight + in crescent + out crescent + snap + front thrust + roundhouse + front side + front hook + back hook + Savate stomp + Krav back kick + TSD reverse roundhouse = 12 x 20 each) 240 advancing kicks long with a jumping (or limping after about 80) retreat in each.