So, here’s a quick little note on my training today. I’ve trained in the snow before, many times in fact, so that’s nothing new. However, winter over here has been particularly… odd this year. Normally around this time of year, we have thick, mountains of snow that you have to force your way through while training. This year, we instead have light, slick and slushy snow, which brought about new, exciting challenges when training.

It’s easy when you’re training on a nice dry gym floor to just drop into your stances without thinking about them too much, and in my case that usually means I’m not doing them as well as I could be. However, when you’re sliding around on slick snow like it may as well had been ice, all of your steps become much more deliberate, and it’s during that time that you start to notice just how good of stances you can do when you take the time to get into them right, and how much more work you have ahead of you on them.

So, for all the rest of you experiencing the worlds least favorite season, try not to waste it. Get out there and use the natural teaching aids our world has to offer. You’ll either get much better at those stances, or plenty of practice on your break falls, either way, win win.