Here’s today’s dose of motivation for me:

From Master Frankovich’s excellent blog post.

This development is very noticeable to the teacher and most senior students. The other students will be recognized for their “fake” discipline. The students who do as told because it is expected of them but never truly try are very easily seen. These are also the students who spend more time standing around than training, more time discussing what it should be than doing until understanding.

As the most talkative master in the region, I think I’m going to go do some more push-ups…

Frequently I find myself challenged not by my standards, but by the amount of discomfort lying between here and there! 😉

Incidentally: Either my fellow machinists have come to accept that I’m going to be twitching randomly and turning around backwards and forwards at work (running through ssgb 12 at work), or they’ve completely given up on me joining the land of the sane.

Either way works.  I love the night shift.