The plan is to weight train (mostly bodyweight) Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  I count it a success if I work out at all, but I also set goals.  If I am able to meet my goal, I bump up the goal for next time I do that exercise.  If I can’t, I bump it back down.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, Haidong with the Gagum, get myself used to doing it right again.  Saturday, Haidong with the angum, or cardio of some sort.  Don’t want to be sore going into Sunday — I’ll be plenty sore coming out!


This week is odd because Christmas.

22nd: 10 weighted pushups, 20 inverted bodyweight rows, 10 weighted squats.

Goal, 23rd (Today): Cutting practice (cut focus, attack-attack 10 steps, and 2-cut combo practice).

Goal Christmas Eve: 15 weighted pushups, 25 rows, 15 squats.

Goal Christmas:  I may be able to pass off running through gumbup as “showing off to my family on Christmas”.  If not, then nothing for Christmas.